This Week in Remacs

Wow, what a start to the Remacs project! We’ve had a ton of media attention: Soylent News Heise,, Linux Magazin, Phoronix and Hacker News.

This has brought a number of new contributors on board, and we’ve landed lots of features this week:

We’ve added 28 primitive elisp functions written in Rust. These included floating point arithmetic, type checks, basic list manipulation and even some string creation (which requires allocation).

The code is now much more idiomatic Rust, and you can write things like LispObject::from_bool(true) and it does exactly what you’d expect.

Our Makefile has vastly improved. Cargo is now driven from Make, and we have users on both Linux and BSD. Windows and OS X are both being actively worked on.

Remacs is now based on Emacs’ master branch. All the latest goodies in upstream Emacs are available in Remacs too.

Finally, our branding has improved. The welcome screen now explicitly says Remacs, and the build process produces a remacs binary. This means you can install Remacs alongside your current Emacs instance!

Huge thanks to our contributors:

  • 0xAX
  • Arseniy Zaostrovnykh
  • c-nixon
  • CrLF0710
  • Daroc Alden
  • David DeSimone
  • David Zmick
  • dk87
  • Felix S Klock II
  • Femi Agbabiaka
  • Jean Pierre Dudey
  • Liang Ying-Ruei
  • Martin Feckie
  • Roger Marlow
  • Sharif Nassar
  • Victor Hugo Borja
  • William Orr

If you’re interested in contributing, we have a tutorial to get you started and a list of tasks you might like to start with. All PRs are reviewed, so we can help you if you get stuck!

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